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The future of St. James and our continued service to our God in building his Kingdom depends on all of us as members, servant workers, and leaders. We all have gifts and talents given freely by God and HE expects us to use them for His purposes.


You have an opportunity to lend your time, talents, and gifts through servant work and leadership. We have provided a listing of all the ministries and servant worker opportunities here at St. James, and strongly urge you to assess your strengths and passions, and focus your efforts serving.

The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) asks you to:

  1. Pray for guidance as you assess your God-given gifts
  2. Review the ministry worker and Leader openings, and the full ministry descriptions at the St. James website, stjamesumc.org. See “Equip” and “Get Involved”.
  3.  Complete the “I Am Interested” form on the section.

Persons interested in being nominated for leadership roles should:

  1. Openly profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Attend worship consistently.
  3. Tithe or give cheerfully.
  4. Willingly commit the time required to develop and implement the ministry’s vision and goals.
  5. Attend Bible Study, and/or Sunday School.
  6. Have a desire to partner with, develop, and mentor other servant workers.
  7. Have a strong knowledge and commitment to using and developing your spiritual gifts revealed in Survival Kit Workshop, and beyond.

Administrative Areas

• Communications Team

• Historian

• Membership Team

• NLDC – Nominations & Leadership Development Committee

• SPRC – Staff-Parish Relations Committee

• Technology Team

• Trustees

Ministry Areas

•Communion Stewards

•Congregational Care Ministry

• CMY Ministry – Children/Middle School/Youth

• Christian Education

• Couples Ministry

• Fusion/Young Adults Ministry

• Greeters Ministry

• Health & Wellness Ministry

• Hospitality Ministry

• Intercessory Prayer Ministry

• Media Ministry

•Men’s Ministry

• Music, Worship and Arts (MWA)

• Outreach/Evangelism – (SHARE)

• Parking Ministry

• Pastoral Care

• Seniors Ministry

• Stephen’s Ministry

• Stewardship Ministry

• Usher Ministry

• Women’s Ministry

Nominations & Leadership Development Committee Member

• Identify members to fill church leadership positions and present slate of nominees at the annual church Charge Conference
• Provide development and training for church leaders
• Monitor Church non-clergy leaders and the health of church lay ministries


Staff Parish Relations Committee Member

• Provide pastoral and staff support

• Evaluate the pastoral needs of the church and recommend to the district conference

• Provide Human Resources services related to the Clergy and Church Staff


Trustee Board Member

• Supervise and manage all property of the church

• Responsible for investment of church funds



• Submit Online Form by August 1st via online, email, NLDC mailbox, or NLDC member.  An NLDC member will contact you.

• The election of servant leaders will occur at the Annual Charge Conference in October 2019.

• Three-year service terms begin January 1, 2020.