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Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory by Charles V. Bryant

Used by permission. No other use of this content is permitted without prior permission from The Upper Room.

Before you take this inventory, please consider four imperatives: (1) Pray sincerely for God’s guidance. God wants you to know and use your gifts. (2) Do not relate these to your profession or occupation. (3) Do not consider how you relate to your family or what you do for your family. (4) Make every effort to rank all items in relationship to what you have done and experienced within the body of Christ, the church. If you have no previous experience as a Christian or church member, consider this statement about each item: If I have the opportunity, time, and resources, this describes my inclination.

The online inventory has 160 statements and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  You will need to complete the inventory in one sitting.

Rank each  statement according to how it describes your experience or strong inclination—not how to make you look good: Much (3), Some (2), Little (1), or None (0).  Select the appropriate score from the drop-down box.

If you are ready to complete the inventory, please scroll down to answer the questions. You will need to scroll up after you click NEXT to see the next set of questions.

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Questions 1-20:
1. I have a special sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice, and need to express it to others

2. I enjoy working with and spiritually caring for groups of persons.

3. It is easy for me to aid persons in learning relevant information about the Bible and Christian living

4. What I understand as divine truth is easy for me to apply to daily living

5. Discovering or recognizing spiritual meanings and divine principles comes easily for me

6. I delight in working with and encouraging depressed or apathetic persons

7. I intuitively spot what is real or phony in other people and situations

8. It is easy and enjoyable to manage my income so that I may give liberally to God's work

9. The needs of others, more than my own or my family's, excite me to Christian action

10. Persons with problems and pain attract my attention more quickly than others without apparent needs

11. Other cultures, races, and languages offer no hurdles for my Christian service

12. I bring persons to Christ through my personal efforts

13. I offer friendship and other services to strangers without hesitation and fear

14. I know God actively and purposely works in every event and circumstance

15. I enjoy showing others how they can work for God in the church and the community

16. I am energized by and feel joy when organizing a project, working out details, and getting others in the right places to reach a goal

17. I feel that suffering is one of God's ways of accomplishing a divine purpose in life

18. My prayers are a source of healing for others

19. I pray in words or thoughts that I don"t understand

20. I understand and can interpret what others say or pray in words or phrases they do not know as a language

Questions 21-40:
21. Leaving the comforts of home, friends, and my church to serve other Christians elsewhere appeals to me

22. Do I ever wonder how spiritually rewarding it must be not to be married?

23. I have a special sense of knowing when others need my prayers

24. I am willing and able to endure any hardship to demonstrate God's love and power to others

25. I enjoy doing most anything for the church and others as long as it serves Christ's purposes

26. I sing praises to God with tunes I"ve never heard or learned

27. I have a special sense about whether church buildings honor God and aid Christian discipleship.

28. When someone is an obvious victim of an alien evil desire, I feel a strong need to pray for that person's deliverance in the name of Jesus

29. I enjoy debating persons who discredit the value of the church or Christian faith and usually win their esteem

30. I enjoy making others laugh

31. I become aware of surprisingly powerful results from some things I do for God's work

32. A fulfilling life, to me, should be simple and free from obligations that do not directly support kingdom living

33. Definite information and insights about personal and social evils come to me for correcting and guiding the church

34. I enjoy being with and serving the same people over long periods of time

35. I find it easy and enjoyable to explain what the New Testament teaches about Christian living

36. What appears to be a complicated problem for others, I intuitively understand and solve

37. I have special insights to God's will for the church and righteous living that do not always come from studying the Bible or from having a formal education

38. I inspire and motivate others to do things for their spiritual well-being

39. Something inside stirs me to question whether some things are from God, human nature, or evil

40. Giving my time, talents, energy, and money is a cheerful experience of Christian living

Questions 41-60:
41. The main reason I do things for others is to help them in their spiritual growth

42. I have immediate compassion for persons who have spiritual, emotional, or physical pain

43. Ministering to persons who are different from me would be an exciting ministry

44. I get great joy from telling persons who have not professed Christ as Savior how he became my Savior and how he wants to become theirs

45. I sense a special opportunity for ministry when my normal routine is interrupted by guests or strangers

46. I have a blessed assurance that God is involved in everything, small or great, and is working out a divine plan

47. I seem to be “out front" of others in faith ventures, and many follow my example

48. Organizing ideas, people, resources, and schedules is easy and enjoyable for me

49. I identify my pains and tragedies as sharing the suffering of our Lord

50. Because of my specific prayers, certain unhealthy conditions change for the good

51. I experience a spiritual presence and power when I pray or chant in a wordless form

52. When others deliver inspired messages in words and sounds not known by the hearers, I am able to explain

53. I yearn to go to new places to proclaim Christ and to help establish another group of believers

54. I can be a whole person outside a social or legal bond with one person

55. When I hear requests for prayers, I eagerly and immediately begin to pray

56. The prospect of loss or gain because of my faith in Jesus Christ causes me no abiding concern

57. I do most anything that needs to be done because everything is an opportunity to glorify God

58. I easily discern when music is a performance rather than a spiritual aid to worship

59. I recognize that religious symbols are essential for enhancing Christian fellowship and worship

60. I know when there are conflicts between evil and good forces, and I feel that God wants to use me to eradicate the evil

Questions 61-80:
61. I have such strong feelings about the rightness of the church's role in the affairs of life that I stand ready to defend it at whatever cost

62. It is easy for me to spot humor in most situations, even serious and painful ones

63. I feel mysteriously connected to a divine power when doing ministries of Christ for others

64. I enjoy having a minimal income and no debts so that my interests and energies may be put to Christ's use.

65. I am stirred by the modern relevance of biblical teachings and principles and must speak my mind about them

66. I find it easy and enjoyable to sustain deep relationships with a variety of people

67. I devote much time to biblical and spiritual studies to share with others

68. When I am faced with several options, my choices result in positive effects

69. I understand and can connect different Bible stories and teachings without difficulty

70. I consider it important that others gain strength and comfort from my ministries

71. I am deeply disturbed when something seems wrong and exuberant over wh?t seems right without any apparent reason for my judgment; eventually, my feelings prove correct

72. When there is a call for donations, I feel excited enough to do all I can

73. Doing routine tasks is not dull or drudgery for me if it helps others in their spiritual journey

74. Doing something for persons in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and other caregiving places satisfies me greatly

75. I have something of value to contribute to people in soci-economic, racial, or language situations radically different from mine

76. I have deeper feelings for people who need to know Christ as Savior than for regular church members who already know Christ

77. I make strangers and newcomers comfortable in my presence

78. To me, God's will is more important than either a deliverance from the unpleasant or an acquisition of the wonderful

79. I have dreams and visions of new ministries that the church can offer, and I enjoy helping to set long-range goals for the church's ministries

80. When I take on projects, my planning, detailing, and supervising result in people friendliness and smooth operation

Questions 81-100:
81. I see God's powerful love in my sorrow, hardships, pain, or loss.

82. God heals the physically, mentally, socially, financially, or spiritually sick through my efforts.

83. I feel spiritually right and normal to pray or to give praise to God with utterances unlike any language I know

84. I delight in understanding and translating for others who speak with unintelligible words

85. People accept what I say about spiritual matters without offering rebuttals

86. The divine purpose of singleness is freedom to give more time to ministries for our Lord and his church

87. Praying is my most enjoyable spiritual activity

88. I am stubborn and unyielding in my insistence on what Christ means to me and to everyone

89. I think of cleaning, clerical work, caring for buildings, ushering, babysitting, mowing, setting up chairs, and other acts as significant ways to worship God

90. My music becomes a God-given means for preparing souls for a special anointing of grace

91. I feel a special closeness to God when I build, make, or repair something related to the church and God's people

92. At times I feel that my praying is a battlefield on which evil and good forces are battling for control over someone or some event

93. I feel like a Christian soldier at war with evil, not people.

94. I experience fun and entertainment as vital parts of the practice of Christian faith

95. Though I do not intend it, extraordinary things occur when I assert special efforts for Christ and his church

96. God does not want me to have worldly possessions, so that the kingdom may claim my time and strength

97. I experience urges to speak God's message that prove to be timely and needed by others

98. I find it easy to carry a large amount of concerns for many persons with a variety of needs

99. I enjoy arduous and long hours of study to make God's word plain and easy to understand for others

100. The themes of love, righteousness, holiness, peace, and discipleship are easy for me to translate into practical acts of daily Christian living

Questions 101-120:
101. Meanings and overtones of biblical themes are more important than mere facts, names, or dates

102. I urge others to believe their sufferings and trials will develop their patience, strength, and hope

103. I easily detect spiritual truth and error when others see no cause to question the difference

104. I do not care how the church uses my contributions, since what I give is unto God

105. I am satisfied just to serve others, even if I never get recognized for what I do

106. I actually feel the discomforts and pains of others, and I get relief only by doing something to relieve theirs

107. I daydream about living and serving God among people of other nations, races, and cultures

108. I believe that the primary purpose of the church is to win persons to Christ

109. I really love meeting new people and learning about them, and I am eager to greet them to make them feel welcome

110. I know God is real; though circumstances appear hard, cruel, and impossible to others, I relax in knowing that God is in control

111. Others say that my influence has guided them to gain new directions and achievements in life

112. All ministries should be amply planned, sufficiently staffed, and carried out to the fullest detail

113. God uses my sorrows to bring about radical changes for the good of other persons and events

114. Through my counseling, touch, or prayer, illnesses disappear

115. In my private devotions, I pray both with words I understand and with utterances I don't understand

116. I interpret messages from spiritual languages to build up the members of the church

117. I enjoy spending lots of time visiting other churches to aid them in their services to Christ

118. God gives special relief from sexual needs and frustrations to single persons

119. I am moved to pray for others, even though I not know them, and for conditions about which I know very little or nothing at the time

120. I prefer dying painfully for Jesus Christ than dying painlessly without knowing him personally

Questions 121-140:
121. Because of a special closeness I feel to God when I do any kind of work for the church, I am quick to volunteer

122. When I sing or play music, I feel spiritual energy flowing through me

123. I am spiritually fulfilled when engaged in creative and artistic physical or manual work for the good of the church

124. I need to know and to name the demonic force in order to pray or work effectively for its elimination

125. I view the church as an army of the Lord and myself as a part of its special victory force

126. I recognize amusing events and statements in the Bible that most people do not see

127. I experience unexpected and unsolicited inner promptings to do some service for Christ and the church and learn later of unbelievable results

128. I feel it is important for me to identify with the poor to build their confidence in my service to them

129. I receive special insights for warnings, cautions, instructions, and encouragements to give to the church for its effectiveness and preservation

130. I have special feelings for Christians who have strayed and for church members who are inactive

131. It gives me pleasure to explain God's word in such a way that others learn how to live righteously

132. I see God's will clearly and how to apply it to personal living and church ministries

133. It is clear to me how biblical teachings relate to universal and timeless needs of human life

134. Through my personal involvement, troubled, depressed, or confused persons receive strength and composure in the Lord

135. I have a special sensing for false teachings, erroneous judgments, and insincere and dishonest behavior

136. My giving as a Christian is determined not by my special interests, ability, or resources but by joy and gratitude

137. People are so important to me that everything I do as a Christian must be done for their good

138. I have strong inclinations toward people with troubles and special needs, and I get special joy from helping them

139. My heart goes out to the unchurched, underprivileged, and others the church is not touching with its gospel of Christ

140. While talking with anyone who appears not to be a Christian, I experience a strong desire to be the one to win him or her to Christ

Questions 141-160:
141. I do not mind and am not afraid to welcome unknown persons into my home.

142. Even when wrong prevails and situations threaten with hopelessness, I sense that God's blessing is forthcoming

143. People seek me out to lead them in their faith ventures.

144. Carrying the responsibility for organizing group activities toward stated goals is something I enjoy and do well

145. My witness in affliction and trouble has been used by God to lead others to experience the joy of Christ in their hardships

146. Directly through my various efforts, healings occurred that did not come from natural or medical means.

147. Praying or praising God in wordless sounds and phrases gives me a sense of unhindered and intimate communication with God

148. I receive direct clarifications of divine messages for the good of the church through persons who, to others, speak in unintelligible gibberish

149. When I visit from church to church and have occasion to speak, I feel a sense of authority in spiritual matters that comes only from God

150. Being single and enjoying it never discounts the value of marriage for others but frees me to serve the church more fully

151. I feel urges to pray for others to be empowered for effective ministries

152. Whatever the costs, I do not hesitate to tell others about God's love in Jesus Christ

153. It does not matter how menial or mundane my task; my joy is doing it for Christ

154. I can tell whether certain hymns and types of music are spiritually suitable for the occasion

155. Engaging my manual skills for Christ and his church is a special form of prayer and ministry for me

156. God uses my obedience to free others of evil forces

157. I think of unbelievers not as enemies but as persons in need of a strong Christian influence and commander

158. I use wholesome jokes and laughable statements to relieve others of pressure, anxiety, or suffering

159. I feel mystically empowered by the presence of God when doing some things that others may consider insignificant, strange, or impossible

160. Having little of this world's goods doesn't make me feel inferior to others or left out of God's grace.